Olsson's premium 'fine' fast dissolving pool salt is the hassle free way to keep your pool healthy. Proudly Australian since 1949.

Searles Spredmax 200ml

A non-ionic wetter for use with pesticide, fungicide and herbicide sprays in the home garden to maximize your spray application.

Searles Soil pH Test Kit

Fast, simple to use soil pH test kit. Contains enough indicator liquid & powder for up to 100 tests. Includes pH colour chart for easy reference.

Searles Magnesium Sulphate
(Epsom Salts) 500g


Corrects yellowing of leaf between veins.

Scotts Osmocote (Total All Purpose) 500g

Feeds plants for up to 12 months. Suitable for all plants, except phosphorus sensitive Australian natives. Trace elements to revive 'tired' plants. Contains a wetting agent. 

Searles Trifend Spray 1Lt

Trifend® is a triple action spray for use on ornamentals and roses in the garden. This product is great for use on flowering plants, ornamental gardens, indoor and outdoor pot plants.

Superway Dicamba-M


This highly concentrated selective herbicide been fully approved for the control of certain broadleaf weeds in Turf as well as certain agricultural crops

Searles - Economy Lawn Seed 750g

Economy Lawn Seed is ideally suited for most large area lawns. Also works well for patching areas.

Searles - Dead Weed


Searles Dead Weed Glyphosate 360 Weed & Grass Killer is a broad spectrum, non-residual, non-selective weedkiller and could kill wanted plants if they are sprayed.

Searles - Weed & Gro Pro
2L (Hose-on)


Kills broadleaf weeds in common grass types (except buffalo and durban grasses). Contains a Balanced NPK to feed lawns. Fast and residual weed control. 2 Litres treats 130m2.

Searles - Water Crystals 1.25kg

Searles Water Crystals are super absorbent with each crystal capable of holding hundreds of times its own weight with water. Plant roots penetrate the expanded water crystal and extract moisture as the plant requires. Whenever water is added, the crystals re-absorb and store the moisture. This absorbtion-release cycle of the crystals repeats continuously. 

Searles - Handy Spreader

Ideal for spreading granular fertiliser or lawn seed. 3 litre capacity with flow adjustment.

Searles White Oil 200ml

Searles White Oil is a great spray for use in both indoor and outdoor situations. This product is greatly used for citrus, roses, flower gardens, indoor and outdoor plants.

Searles Soil pH Probe Tester

Quickly and easily gauges the pH level of the soil.

Searles Flourish Vegie & Tomato 500g

Searles Flourish® Vegie & Tomato is a blended, soluble, complete plant food, which is formulated specifically to boost fruit and flower production using premium ingredients.

Searles Ant Spider & Cockroach Killer 200ml

Kills ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas and other household insect pests in and around the home. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Sharp Shooter - Complete
Lawn Grub & Beetle Killer 1Lt


Curl Grubs, Billbug Larvae, also known as larvae of African Black Beetle, Argentinean Scarab Beetle, & Pruinose Scarab, Corby Grub and Cockchafer Beetle. For use on all lawns.

Superway 360 Weed Killer


This product is a non-selective liquid herbicide effective in the control of a wide range of grass and broadleaf weeds around the home and garden.

Searles - Strong & Hardy Lawn Seed 750g

A good lawn seed for high traffic areas and quick to establish. Also ideal for over-sowing.

Searles - Ecofend Vegetable & Garden Spray 500ml

All organic spray to control common insects & mites on vegies, fruit & flowers.

Searles - Buffalo Master 


Controls various weed including bindii, cape-weed, catsear, clover (not Tas.), creeping buttercup, cudweed, dandelion, fleabane, jo-jo (onehunga), oxalis, plantains, thistles.

Apparent - Halosulfuron 750 WG

Nutgrass Killer

For selective post-emergence control of Nutgrass in Sugarcane, Corn/Maize and Sorghum and for the selective post-emergence control of Nutgrass and Mullumbimby Couch in Turf.  

Searles Conguard
200ml & 500ml


For broad systemic control of garden pests like aphids, thrips, mealybugs and psyllids.

Searles - Sphagnum Moss


Sphagnum Moss retains moisture excellently & is useful and decorative in terrariums, orchids, pots, hanging baskets, floral arrangements, terrariums & reptile housing.

Searles Robust Fruit, Citrus & Shrub 500g

Controlled release fertiliser + instant plant food & trace elements providing 6 months feeding.

Searles Bug Beater Spray 1Lt

A natural pyrethrum spray. Broad range of target insects including; aphids, thrips, caterpillars, cabbage moths, ants, flies, earwigs, whitefly and leafhoppers. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

Richgro Lawn Beetle & Grub Killa (Hose-on) 2Lt

A highly effective fast acting product designed to control lawn beetles, grubs and other insects that come into contact with it. For treatment up to 265 square metres. 

Superway Bugz Off, Mozie,
Migie & More 1Lt


For the control of a wide range of urban interior and exterior pests which include; mosquitoes, biting midges and flies by forming residual surface treatments.

Searles - Economy Lawn Seed 5kg

Economy Lawn Seed is ideally suited for most large area lawns. Also works well for patching areas.

Searles - Buffalo Master 


Controls various weed including bindii, cape-weed, catsear, clover (not Tas.), creeping buttercup, cudweed, dandelion, fleabane, jo-jo (onehunga), oxalis, plantains, thistles.

Searles - Paspalum, Nutgrass & Clover Killer 200ml

Weeds Controlled - barnyard grass, bindii, capeweed, catsear, chickweed, clovers cotula, cudweed, dandelion, duckweed, fleabane, lamb’s tongue, mouse-eared chickweed, Mullumbimby couch, nutgrass, paspalum, scarlet pimpernel, summergrass (crab-grass), water couch, white clover.

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