1-Concrete Blend.jpg

Concrete Blend

Our concrete blend is known to be the best on the coast. It's made with a 10mm aggregate and washed sand. 

1-Washed Sand_edited.jpg

Washed Sand

Probably the most useful sand available. Perfect for concreting, rendering, floor screeds, paving mortar and lawn care.

1-Brickies Loam.jpg

Brickies Loam

Specifically designed to be used for bricklaying.

Bulk Potting Mix.jpg

Bulk Potting Mix

Ideal for those that want value for money, instead of purchasing it by the bag. Great for planting in pots and hanging baskets.

Turf Mix.JPG

Turf Mix

A fine screened sandy loam. Best used for underlay of new turf or topdressing existing lawns. This is our premium grade soil.

Slab Fill Sand.jpg

Fill Soil

Available most of the time. Perfect for back filling and used for just about anything. Contaminants maybe present.

Rainbow White Sand.jpg

Rainbow White Sand

A clean, pure white sand without contaminants. Perfect for making white mortar. It is also used as a synthetic turf sand.

1-Maroochy River Sand_edited.jpg

Medium River Sand

A medium coarse sand ideal for bedding pipes and most commonly used for bedding pavers due to its fatty consistency. Can also be used for more other bedding purposes. 

block sand.jpg

Block Sand

Most commonly used as mortar for laying blocks along with many other fine sand applications.

Screened Soil.jpg

Screened Soil

A 10mm screened soil, perfect for those on a budget. Good for back fill or under turf applications. 

Superior Garden Blend.jpg

Superior Garden Blend

A nutrient rich organic soil blended with composting bark, cow manure, chicken manure and coarse sand.

Rocky Point - OptiLawn
Top Dress 30L

(New Name & Improved Formula)

Specially formulated for a greener, healthier, more luscious looking lawn.

1-Fatty Loam.jpg

Fatty Loam (OUT OF STOCK)

Commonly used for brick, block and roof mortar applications. Can also be used as a bedding sand for above ground pools.

Coarse Washed River Sand.jpg

Coarse River Sand

Commonly used for bedding shower bases and tilling. It is also a great sand for topdressing particular lawns. 

1-Bunker Sand.jpg

Bunker Sand

Perfect for sandpits. Our sand has been thoroughly washed removing harmful silica and becomes certified for use with children.

Landscape Mix.jpg

Landscape Mix

A combination of multiple products. It contains minerals drainage and feed. Best used under turf especially in wet areas  

Budget Garden Mix.jpg

Budget Garden Mix

A base organic soil with no added extras. Perfect for those who want to start from fresh and add further products later.

Greenworld - Organic
Garden Soil 25L


Greenworld Organics Organic Garden Soil is loaded with nutrient enriched organics specially formulated to stimulate growth, encourage profound root formations and prosperous yields.